Warehouse for rent in Bangalore

The team at Onix Advisors has combined 10+ years of experience in the logistics infrastructure domain.
 We have done extensive on-ground research of major logistics and warehousing hubs in top metropolitan 
cities in India, including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, NCR and Ahmedabad. With 
this deep experience and a large network of warehousing developers and investors, we are well positioned
 to help corporate clients identify and lease just the right warehouse for their business needs. Whether it is
 built-to-suit, under construction or ready to move in, we have a whole list of warehouses for rent.

For illustrative purposes, below are some of the actual warehouses for rent in Bangalore. For any additional
 information or requirement, please contact us on +91-9108447829 or +91-9108447825.

  1. Nelamangala: Prevailing rentals: upwards of INR 16/sq ft depending on the specifications and 
    distance from the highway 
    1. 50,000 sq ft one box
    2. Built-to-suit

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  2. T-Begur: Land for sale, built-to-suit, or forward purchase. Price to be decided in meetings
    1. 30 acres in industrial zone

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  3. Soukya Road: upwards of 18/sq ft depending on specifications and age
    1. 1,50,000 sq ft one box, ready to move in
    2. 50,000 sq ft one box, ready to move in
    3. 1,25,000 sq ft built-to-suit

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  4. Attibele: upwards of 21 sq/ft, Grade A specifications
    1. 2,25,000 sq ft single box under construction
    2. Part of a larger logistics park
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